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Traces Sheet Music

A few weeks ago I uploaded a video covering “Traces” by Laura Shigihara.  Here is the sheet music.  Remember to credit the composer and the arrangement.  Hope you guys enjoy!


Traces – Laura Shigihara


Traces Cover

Arranged this a while ago with some friends.  Hope you guys like it:


Traces is written by Laura Shigihara

Today, upon checking some eSports sites, I came across this motivational poster:

So inspirational -sigh-

For those of you not familiar with Starcraft pro-gaming, Lim Yo Hwan is a professional gamer who played since the BroodWar days.  His ability to control (micro) and tactical smarts allowed him to take what was viewed as the weakest race (Terran) as his weapon.  In short, he’s the legend of Starcraft as an eSport.

Back to my adventure on the internet.  What does America have to offer?


New Keyboard!

After a long hiatus, I finally have a  reason to write more stuff!  I just got a new keyboard!  I do a lot of gaming, and during the summer I am actually practicing my Starcraft 2.  I’ve been playing on some mid-range keyboards until now, when I decided to make the switch to mechanical.  I don’t regret it.

If you don’t know, most keyboards today (regardless of all the fancy gadgets provided such as wireless, USB hubs, and lighting), are rubber dome keyboards.  They are relatively silent, and cheap to produce.  Unfortunately during fast typing or in SCII, repeated presses of a button makes it feel ‘soft’, and soon it becomes hard to discern whether or not a button has indeed been pressed.  Mechanical keyboards on the other hand literally have a littler switch underneath each button that give resistance and hence, audible feedback.   This might seem counter intuitive, but the increase in resistance (but half the distance needed to deliver a keystroke) actually makes typing much easier.

The keyboard I got is the Razer Black Widow ultimate.  It is on the pricey end and alternatives (such as the SteelSeries 6gV2) can be found for less.  My decision for this board is because of the fact that it has backlighting, which is key for late night gaming and LAN parties.  I love this keyboard, how it feels, how it sports no extra gimmicks (no extra ‘media buttons’ and lights), and is just a simple, solid keyboard.  Oh yeah, Mechanical keyboards last much much much longer than the rubber dome keyboards.

I have several other posts that I am working on, a lot on the development of eSports in America and also I was able to work on arranging the Katamari March, so the sheet music might be up here in the near future.

So I’ve been busy lately because I was organizing a live event for the finals of our Starcraft II tournament.  Here is a pic of our turnout:

All seats taken, standing room only

This surpassed our expectations, with over 120 people in the room, despite there being a basketball game (sweet sixteen) that night.  Let me introduce our players:

For third place we have

FGiSignals, playing as Protoss, and his opponent:


llamma, also playing as Protoss.  Both players are in the top of their Master League divisions, and are some of the best in the school.

For 1st and second place, we have:


VaiOZ, a terran who went from prelims to the finals.  He plays against:


(In the foreground)  Aechmil, a master league #1 Terran player.

To guide us through the night we had Doppler, our founder and excellent SC player, with Heyoka from working the camera

also casting is our current president ObiWan:

The replays are here. Our next step?  A larger tournament 🙂

Zombies on your lawn MIDI

So I decided to try Synthesia for the MIDI we made 😀

The sheet music is on the page titled “Zombies on your lawn sheet music”.  Hope you guys enjoy it!

Update: Tournament

Hello everyone.

I’ve been busy lately, because of school and organizing a Starcraft 2 tournament.  We have about 32 entrants, and we are very excited to do something like this.  I will be casting some of the games on my youtube channel:

and I will also have replays available to watch.  If any of you are in the UW-Madison, please join (before 11am on the 16th!) on the UW starcraft 2 club on facebook, or support us by following the games.  There may be a live stream on the finals.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week!

New Youtube Channel!

So the big news is we are starting a Youtube Channel!  We’ll feature videos that will be entertaining and educational, so somewhat “edutational” (we’ll delve into how later).

The content of the videos are going to be a (usually) high ranked guest player playing on the ladder in a low ranked account.  Of course there will be allegations of “smurfing”, the practice of faking incompetence so one can get a near perfect win streak.  However this is not the case, as:

1.  Our intentions are not to win, but to attempt with good mechanics, try ridiculous strategies to demonstrate the flexibility of Starcraft gameplay.

2.  We seek to entertainment.  Starcraft is a game, which is played (ideally) for fun.  I personally find laddering stressful, and ultimately an ego-trip, in short, the opposite of fun.

3.  We want to experiment.  We want to understand the meta-game of Starcraft better.  We want to answer such questions as “How much harass will a player take before leaving a game”, or “how effective is a certain unit”, or “what is the ideal unit-worker ration in the late-game?”  Experimenting directly in higher leagues, especially when the player is being matched against above-league players makes experimenting difficult on a stressful ladder scenario.

4.  We love the Funday Monday challenges.  Let’s do that everyday.

With these goals in mind, here is what you will not see:

1.  BM from us.  Part of the “noob bashing” mentality is putting down your opponent verbally or otherwise.  Of course, the opponent may not be happy, and may reflect so otherwise.  We choose to see these attacks as laughable, not an insult, and will respond with nothing but good cheer.

(on a side note, our studies so far show a large percentage of sub-gold players showing BM during both losses and wins.  A staggering large of them don’t gg 😦  )

2.  Games that are uninteresting wins.  We won’t post games showcasing how we 4-gated someone or played standard.  We seek to challenge ourselves and see what we can do.

I will also be casting games played in the upcoming college tournament on my campus.  This site will be up in a few weeks after things become less hectic.

I will upload some more music at that time as well


So Q Flat Major, who helped with Zombies on your lawn, plays in a band called the RoseLights.  They played recently, and got some videos online.  If you like jazzy sounds definitely check them out here:

Hope you enjoy.

As for how things are going, we’re pretty busy with school until the 20th, but we plan to have some big upload coming up 🙂  Until then, I’ll keep updates on what we are working on and also a map analysis of Blistering Sands.

zombies on your lawn sheet music!

Recently I added some sheet music for the plants vs zombies song “zombies on your lawn” that my friend and I have arranged. We had a lot of fun with it, and if you haven’t checked it out, please take a look at it on the page above:

Link to sheet music page

For more music and updates, check out Laura Shigihara’s site:

I’ll upload music periodically as it is a hobby of mine. I plan to make a video of Traces in the very near future and upload the music for that as well