So I’ve been busy lately because I was organizing a live event for the finals of our Starcraft II tournament.  Here is a pic of our turnout:

All seats taken, standing room only

This surpassed our expectations, with over 120 people in the room, despite there being a basketball game (sweet sixteen) that night.  Let me introduce our players:

For third place we have

FGiSignals, playing as Protoss, and his opponent:


llamma, also playing as Protoss.  Both players are in the top of their Master League divisions, and are some of the best in the school.

For 1st and second place, we have:


VaiOZ, a terran who went from prelims to the finals.  He plays against:


(In the foreground)  Aechmil, a master league #1 Terran player.

To guide us through the night we had Doppler, our founder and excellent SC player, with Heyoka from working the camera

also casting is our current president ObiWan:

The replays are here. Our next step?  A larger tournament 🙂