After a long hiatus, I finally have a  reason to write more stuff!  I just got a new keyboard!  I do a lot of gaming, and during the summer I am actually practicing my Starcraft 2.  I’ve been playing on some mid-range keyboards until now, when I decided to make the switch to mechanical.  I don’t regret it.

If you don’t know, most keyboards today (regardless of all the fancy gadgets provided such as wireless, USB hubs, and lighting), are rubber dome keyboards.  They are relatively silent, and cheap to produce.  Unfortunately during fast typing or in SCII, repeated presses of a button makes it feel ‘soft’, and soon it becomes hard to discern whether or not a button has indeed been pressed.  Mechanical keyboards on the other hand literally have a littler switch underneath each button that give resistance and hence, audible feedback.   This might seem counter intuitive, but the increase in resistance (but half the distance needed to deliver a keystroke) actually makes typing much easier.

The keyboard I got is the Razer Black Widow ultimate.  It is on the pricey end and alternatives (such as the SteelSeries 6gV2) can be found for less.  My decision for this board is because of the fact that it has backlighting, which is key for late night gaming and LAN parties.  I love this keyboard, how it feels, how it sports no extra gimmicks (no extra ‘media buttons’ and lights), and is just a simple, solid keyboard.  Oh yeah, Mechanical keyboards last much much much longer than the rubber dome keyboards.

I have several other posts that I am working on, a lot on the development of eSports in America and also I was able to work on arranging the Katamari March, so the sheet music might be up here in the near future.