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Traces Cover

Arranged this a while ago with some friends.  Hope you guys like it:


Traces is written by Laura Shigihara


Zombies on your lawn MIDI

So I decided to try Synthesia for the MIDI we made 😀

The sheet music is on the page titled “Zombies on your lawn sheet music”.  Hope you guys enjoy it!

zombies on your lawn sheet music!

Recently I added some sheet music for the plants vs zombies song “zombies on your lawn” that my friend and I have arranged. We had a lot of fun with it, and if you haven’t checked it out, please take a look at it on the page above:

Link to sheet music page

For more music and updates, check out Laura Shigihara’s site:

I’ll upload music periodically as it is a hobby of mine. I plan to make a video of Traces in the very near future and upload the music for that as well