Hi Everyone

I noticed a lot of people have been asking for the sheet music on this song, and there are very few available online.  My friend and I arranged this piece awhile back because we were big fans of the game and also just felt the need to challenge ourselves with our arranging/composing abilities.

This arrangement is derived from a MIDI that we ultimately made.  However, being a MIDI, the percussion part appears as a slew of notes that is unplayable on conventional instruments. Nevertheless, here are the instrumental sections of the song, so feel free to use this music as an arrangement or in an ensemble, but

REMEMBER TO GIVE CREDIT TO: Laura Shigihara, the original composer of this song.  Yes, it is very important to mention her if you decide to cover/record this song (in terms of respecting the artist and copyright).  Also please mention Q Flat Major, as he did a tremendous amount of work into arranging this piece.  His channel can be found here.:


Also please mention this site as well

Without further ado, here is the sheet music:

zombies on your lawn Instrumental

As for the purpose of this site, I plan to discuss map analysis of Starcraft 2, as well as experimental strategies in this game.  I plan to have  a dedicated channel up in the near future on Youtube for showcasing some of our work, so if you’re into that game, please subscribe and stay tuned.  Meanwhile this page will hold the sheet music.  If you want the midi we made, please leave a comment below.

Hope you enjoy the sheet music.  Cheers!

PvZ is copyright Popcap and the soundtrack belongs to Laura Shigihara

UPDATE: we are planning to perform a Laura Shigihara song and upload the sheet music as well. Subscribe and check back for updates and more music and fun!

UPDATE!!:  If you haven’t seen it yet, this is how the sheet music sounds when combined.  We’ll probably write more songs in the future